HIPAA 5010 and How It Will Affect You

You should know that HIPAA 5010 is only for electronic transactions that would be really simple. You must make out if your system is compliant once submitted claims electronically. Make sure that the practice management system is going to be compliant. With a little research online, you will find the latest information. The patients, who are the overall benefactors of the legislation, get to enjoy improved and better health care, more security and privacy of their health information and records, ability to choose the pharmacy where they can collect their prescriptions from and have them ready even before leaving the practitioner’s office. Do you really want to know what HIPAA 5010 is? For latest information, you can head to various sources. Do know how HIPAA 5010 will affect you? It is a federal mandate that involves health plans, providers, and clearinghouses. HIPAA 5010 is to use latest standards in electronic transactions including, eligibility, remittance, claims, and claims status requirements and answers. The latest mandate can help enhance transaction regularity and simplify reimbursement transactions. There is deadline of this new mandate which is January 1, 2012.If you don’t obtain any ERA’s after submitting all claims on paper, you have nothing to do on this issue. That means you will not need to do anything in this case.

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